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Six Steps to Sold!

Want to have instant credibility with Sellers? Want to be referred to everybody your seller knows? Want your listing appointment to be in less than 30 minutes AND they actually take your Pricing Advice? It’s simple, sell all your listings in 3 days or less and for 102% average LP/SP. Right now, you might be… Read more »

Communication & Conversion

FIRST Learn to be a Communicator THEN sell Real Estate…… As a coach, I have spent many hours (more than 10,000 to be accurate) listening, guiding, tweaking and sometimes honestly straight up confused by the things I have heard from agents. Let me explain…. I have worked with some highly talented, passionate and determined agents,… Read more »

Business, meet Gratitude

It’s November…where we all know we are to come from a place of Gratitude yet how does that apply to our Industry of Real Estate? Multiple Reasons! Every day we can find ways to be grateful not only for who we are, but also our career; here are just a few things I like to think… Read more »

Turn 1 Open House into $75,000

What if I were to tell you that I can GUARANTEE you 10 new clients each week and that it would only take you maybe 6 or 7 hours…Would you do it EXACTLY the way I suggest it??? I bet in your mind or maybe even out loud, you yelled “YES, OF COURSE”! Yet 99% of… Read more »

When will the Bubble Burst?

They say that blogging is more like sharing a story,  interest, feeling or maybe some just some facts that people may or may not read…well this is my first blog so we will see how it goes! I hope that you will walk away with some type of new perspective if nothing else. I moved… Read more »