Business, meet Gratitude

It’s November…where we all know we are to come from a place of Gratitude yet how does that apply to our Industry of Real Estate? Multiple Reasons! Every day we can find ways to be grateful not only for who we are, but also our career; here are just a few things I like to think of everyday:

  1. 1. Being Thankful that we are in such an opportunity driven industry where we can earn exactly what we would like to, to have the lifestyle we want.
  2. 2. Being Grateful for the trust that clients put in us.
  3. 3. Being Grateful for our Industry Vendors that help make us look even better to our clients.

These are just 3 things out of many that there are, so what can this do to help you? Show your Gratitude to those people! First of all, YOU…Real Estate is simple not easy. Do something for yourself! Meditate, workout, get a massage (my absolute weekly me time), shop, golf, fish etc. Find SOMETHING, especially if you never reward yourself! Next is your family, who have supported you to get where you are now. Just a simple Thank You from the heart would be great, or a gift if it’s in the cards!

Now what can you do for Clients & Vendors? Here are some ideas from things that I have done and some that other real estate coaching clients have found successful.

  1. 1. Handwritten Thank You Notes
  2. 2. Client Appreciation Pie Day (Free Pie to Every Past Client and Vendor Partner – Pick up at your office)
  3. 3. Can Food Drive for Thanksgiving & the local Food Bank or a church
  4. Gratitude phone calls the week of Thanksgiving

Each of these are different levels in expenses based on your budget right now. Even the simplest act of Gratitude can go a long way for your business. Remember that the Conversation = the Relationship (Susan Scott – Fierce Conversations) and if your database does not know you care, then why would they care to help you?

Happy Thanksgiving!