Turn 1 Open House into $75,000

What if I were to tell you that I can GUARANTEE you 10 new clients each week and that it would only take you maybe 6 or 7 hours…Would you do it EXACTLY the way I suggest it???

I bet in your mind or maybe even out loud, you yelled “YES, OF COURSE”!

  • Yet 99% of you will with either:
  • Not do it at all.
  • Do it 30% of the way. (I will only take out what is “easy”)
  • Do it 50% of the way. (I only HALF believe her & make excuses why I cannot do all of it)

Why does only 1% actually copy? Because, excuse my language, they aren’t stupid. They are the smartest people, not because of actual test scores, because they understand that if its proven by someone else, It can be replicated. And guess what, I want it to be!!!

Enough with my self sabotage discussion, I bet you just want me to tell you what to do and I will, just not yet, I have a story to tell first.

I started in real estate in May of 2010, knowing nothing in real estate and being 21 years old, I figured that Knowledge and People (Buyers, it was a buyers market) were my key to actually selling.

Every morning I studied our Hot Sheet (the new inventory) for 2 hours with my black coffee in one hand and the computer on the desk. After that I went to my training class and well after that I started previewing homes. While previewing, I picked the 3 homes I planned to hold open that weekend and Wednesday afternoon. YES 3! I was afraid of Cold Calling, I knew it was a buyers market, so I said what better way than to hold open houses. I only had $500 to my name and it all went to Open House signs, balloons, cookies, water, and printing flyers.

Now, in my first 3 months I obtained more than 12 new clients just from those 3 open houses, I was only averaging 5 to 7 people per 1 open house. I started thinking, why not be smarter and work less yet obtain more? That’s when I started researching statistics:

This is what I found:

  • Number 1 reason people come into your open house is SIGNS!
  • People LOVE information so provide it to them, all that you can think of!
  • Do not pick an open house that has ANY of these road blocks:
  • -Gated (unless open 24 hours)
  • -More than 3 turns from the main road
  • -No parking
  • -Horrible Curb Appeal (unless priced really aggressively)

With this information my Real Estate team and I decided to start doing 100…YES…100 open house signs because we figured out the numbers and we wanted at least 10 Appointments and with that we needed 60 people which led us to 100 signs.

Off I went…I held my first one, put up all 100 signs, took me 2 ½ hours and I said NEVER AGAIN (we hired it out after that); it gave me sheer anxiety. Every room had a theme of information from New Construction, neighborhood statistics, foreclosures, credit repair, rentals, and much more. Everything was printed in triples so that people could take a copy with them. There was a raffle so they would sign in and I gave out waters, pens, and business cards.

What Happened? Exactly what I had hoped. A lot of “Did you put ALL those signs out yourself?” statements and 72 people and 15 new appointments all in 4 hours! It was incredible!!! Not only did I get Buyers, I got Sellers too!

I started using our Open House method to obtain new listings not only through my Sphere, and also FSBOs, Expireds, Investors who have Flip properties, and much more.

Here’s the Truth and one of my favorite BOLD Law’s (MAPS Coaching – Dianna Kokoszka) “Simple not Easy”; not everyone will do it, yet everyone can.

If you would like 10 new clients by investing 7-8 hours and probably $300; go ahead and give this a shot!